... a white rabbit is extracted from an empty top-hat. Since the animal is very big, this conjuring trick needs many milliards of years. The children are born upon the peaks of its hair so they can be amazed at this incredible magic. Nevertheless, when they grow and become old, they slip down to the coat of the rabbit. And there they remain. They stay so fine that they are not bold to climb the thin hair. Only the philosophers engage themselves in this dangerous trip searching the frontiers of the existence. Some of they fall down but someone climbs the hair of the rabbit and shouts to the people that is comfortably seated on the soft coat of the animal and eats and drinks with absolute carelessness: "we are hanging in the emptiness" ...

            Jostein Gaardner  
(Free translation from "Sofies verden ", October '94)

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At Rutor Lake - La Thuile - Aosta Valley (1996)
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